“ALSPED” PLTD is Bulgarian transportation, forwarding and logistical company. At the beginning it was founded as ET “AL 92 Alexander Pandurski” on 21.08.1992 year. Since 2007 year company has changed their name to ALSPED PLTD. We work with 22 trucks (10 mega tilts, 2 small truck and 10 partners truck which works as our own) and more than 30 owned by our partner’s trucks.
Because of the constant grow of our transporting machines and constantly growing number of partners of us, we can guarantee fast, safety and high-grade transport to Your goods in all over Europe and beyond it!
We will be glad if you decide to start work together! We are going to do our best for You, to provide You a profitable transport for Your goods in directons by Your choise, in case that you inform us in time about Your interests.

Alsped Ltd is a hopeful transporter of your freights. You can count on the best quality, of our service. Propriety, loyalty and accuracy are the best qualities of our staff.

Mobile: +359 878 88 44 98 Mr. Alexander Pandurski - Manager
Mobile: +359 879 99 23 27 Mr. Stoil Atzev – International road freight coordinator